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1.Ownership of the website
This website is owned by F.E.R.T.I. di Piero Gulli S.n.c.- Via del Molino a Vento, 72 a-b - 34137 Trieste –
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3. Use of and access to the website
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4. Disclaimer of guarantee and limitation of liability
The user hereby acknowledges that the use of this website is at his/her own risk. The service is supplied ‘as is’ and F.E.R.T.I. di Piero Gulli S.n.c. hereby disclaims any guarantee whatsoever, either explicit or implicit included, by way of example, any guarantee relative to the accuracy, reliability, ownership, non infringement, suitability for specific purposes or any other guarantee, condition, assurance or declaration, either verbal, written or in electronic format, including, by way of example, any guarantee on the accuracy or integrity of any information included in the website or supplied by the website itself. F.E.R.T.I. di Piero Gulli S.n.c. does not state nor guarantee that access to the site will not be interrupted or that the website does not contain any malfunctioning, mistakes or omissions or loss of transmitted information, or that no virus will be transmitted on the website. F.E.R.T.I. di Piero Gulli S.n.c. shall not be liable towards the website users or towards any third party with relation to any damage, either direct or indirect, specific, consequential or punitive, which may arise from the access or the failed access to the website, including any virus to which the website may be subject, the use of or reliance on the website or on any of the information or materials available on the website.

5. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The user hereby acknowledges and to all purposes agrees that any controversy arising from the access to and/or the use of this website shall be governed by the Italian law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of an Italian Court of Law.

6. Applicable laws and jurisdiction
Your name will be included in F.E.R.T.I. di Piero Gulli S.n.c.’s data base, in observance with Law 196/03 on the protection of personal data (law on Privacy) exclusively for accounting, tax-related, administrative and commercial purposes. The updating or cancellation of these data may be requested at any time contacting the person in charge of data at the email address info@ferti.it

7. Amendments
F.E.R.T.I. di Piero Gulli S.n.c. reserves the right to change the above-mentioned rules from time to time; any information relative to the amendment of these rules shall be notified on this page. Continued use of the website by the user will imply his/her acceptance of the amendments  or revisions of said rules; for this reason we advise users to view this page regularly.

8. Cookies
No personal data referring to the users shall be acquired by the website. No cookies are used for the purpose of transmitting personal information, nor are any permanent c.d. cookies, i.e. systems for tracking users, used. The use of session c.d. cookies (which are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and disappear after the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of data identifying the session (which consist of numbers randomly generated by the server) needed to allow the website to be browsed safely and efficiently. The session c.d. cookies used in this site do not require any other I.T. technique which may be prejudicial to the users’ privacy and do not allow the acquisition of personal data which may identify the user.
Your IP address is recorded purely for statistic purposes and is never connected with other data for the purpose of tracking the user’s activities or to acquire personal data on users.